To get help, please contact the St. Jude's Admissions Department at (404) 249-6272
Residential or Outpatient Admissions: (404) 249-6272
Detox Admissions: (404) 876-9594


St. Jude's Recovery Center, Inc. accepts referrals from professional and non-professional sources. We welcome family, friend and self referrals.

St. Jude's primary goal in the admissions process is to ensure that St. Jude's is a good fit for the consumer and that he or she is a good fit for our program. Potential clients need to demonstrate a desire for recovery and be willing to make positive changes in their lives.

Admission Requirements

  • TB Results (completed in the past six months). If tested positive in the past must have a chest x-ray. If you do not have TB results, SJRC can perform a PPD test.
  • A verified (signed by a physician) medical and or mental health diagnosis (*If applicable)
  • Paperwork from a physician/psychiatrist listing all of your medications
  • A 30 day supply of all prescribed medications for residential clients and a 14 day supply of prescribed medications for detox clients
  • If homeless, provide homeless documentation. This can include documentation from FDCS, homeless shelters, Hope Atlanta (Traveler's Aid), churches, etc.
  • Documentation of income (SSI/SSDI, unemployment benefits, etc.)
  • A copy of Medicaid Card if you are a Medicaid member
  • Documentation of any required payments (child support, garnishment of wages)

Individuals seeking admission to St. Jude's can call St. Jude's Admissions Department, at (404) 249-6272, to schedule an appointment for an interview. Walk-in appointments are taken on a first come first serve basis, Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

The Admissions Department conducts a thorough assessment to identify and evaluate the scope of an individual's addiction and related issues, such as medical, employment, legal, family, social and psychological concerns. After the assessment, the Admissions staff determines the level of care that will best address the client's needs. During the intake process, each client receives an orientation and information regarding program rules and financial obligations. The client is then informed of his/her admission status and given a date for intake. Same day admission is possible if the client has all of the required paper work.

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